Illinois racetrack could gets slots; Premises in Virginia raided

Arlington Park racetrack

Arlington Park racetrackThe possibility of slot machines arriving in one small corner of Illinois has moved a step closer. A meeting of trustees in the village of Arlington Heights established that the majority was in favor of adding slot machines at the racetrack, Arlington Park. The plan, set out by the state’s legislature, doesn’t actually require approval from the village itself. The legislature wanted to know their opinions regardless though.

Arlington Park racetrack officials argue that slot machines are vital to the future success of the venue. General manager of Arlington Park, Tony Petrillo added that the project would give gamblers 1,200 machines that could be used from 9am to 3am. A special facility would be built to house the machines that would be exclusively for those 21 and older.

The plans are dependent on support from the state’s Senate and House of Representatives so it’s far from a done deal. State Sen. Terry Link, D-Vernon Hills, hopes a bill will be passed this month. It will be similar to one that gained little support in January and didn’t even make a House vote. That would have allowed five new casinos, including one in Chicago, and slots at racetracks.

In other North American news, store owners have been upset by the police raiding their location under the premise that gambling had been going on without permission. Investigators had reported that H&L Business and B&W Business Center in Henrico, Virginia are fronts for illegal gambling. It’s a claim that B&W owner Wendy Connor vehemently denies.

“You’ve been in our business. We have very compliant software behind us. There is nothing illegal about sweepstakes”, she said.

Earlier this year, the State governor signed a bill saying that this type of Internet gambling would be banned by July 1.

“Our understanding is that our staff members would be employed through July at minimum”, she added.

No one was arrested after the raids that took place yesterday and with no law currently in place it’s not that likely that further action will take place for the moment at least.