Manny Pacquiao sings for joy as Floyd Mayweather Jr. hints at ring return

TAGs: Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Shane Mosley

floyd-mayweather-manny-pacquiao-singsAfter a year spent doing little but use his social media accounts to brag about his suspiciously perfect gambling record and make racial slurs toward fellow boxer Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr. dropped the following bombshell on his Facebook page on Friday: “Back in the RING soon!” At least, so claims A check of Mayweather’s Facebook and Twitter accounts reveals no trace of such a post.

So, assuming the Examiner wasn’t just making shit up on a slow news day, is Floyd’s desire to get back into the ring legit? Or is he just being a punk by attempting to cloud Pacquiao’s mind ahead of the Fillipino fighter’s May 7 bout with Shayne Mosley? Given the bad blood between Mayweather and Pacquiao, not to mention Mayweather’s traditional lack of class, we’re inclined to believe it’s the latter. Then again, maybe the man who calls himself ‘Money’ is finding it hard to come up with the green to pay his substantial IRS tax bills. Or maybe Floyd’s anticipating he’ll need even more scratch to pay the damages when Manny wins the defamation suit he filed against Floyd for accusing Manny of taking performance enhancing drugs.

Frankly, we think Floyd would be ill-advised to continue baiting Manny like this (or berating boxing fans for taking Manny’s side). Not only does it make Floyd look weak, it simply isn’t working. Floyd’s something of a narcissist, in that he presumes what would bother him should bother everyone else. So he keeps throwing his digital cheap shots in an attempt to knock Manny off his stride. But Manny ain’t built like that, so the shit just bounces off him. Manny may be a terror once he puts on the gloves and steps through the ropes, but outside the ring? Well, just watch the video and decide for yourself. Unlike Floyd, this song is the only ‘hiding’ Manny seems capable of.


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