Mayweather runs his mouth again

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MMM...I can't hear you!

Fight Manny Pacquiao or shut up and go away. It’s just that simple. All boxing fans and bettors want Floyd Mayweather to do is fight Manny Pacquiao, or go away and never return. We don’t want to see Mayweather fight anyone else. We don’t want to hear about how much of a stud he is at gambling on NBA games, we don’t want to hear about him beating the piss out of his girlfriends, we don’t want to hear or see any of that mess.

It seems Mayweather is sensing the love lost between him and his fans as of late. Mayweather appeared on the ESPN radio show with Carmen, Junko and Harry and when he was asked about Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather went into another one of his dumb rants.

First he questions the loyalty of his fans, then he says in the interview that he fights for himself, and that his fans don’t pay his bills.
Interesting, who then is paying to watch Mayweather fight, if not his fans? Mayweather doesn’t seem to get it.

Mayweather even tried to play the patriotic card, questioning why Americans wouldn’t support him more than Pacquiao, and Mayweather even went as far as to say that The Pac-man is a media creation. He didn’t stop there, Mayweather felt the need to point out that Pacquiao has three losses, as if that’s supposed to mean something.

If Mayweather wants to know why Americans and boxing fans are turning against him, he needs to look in the mirror and not at Manny Pacquiao. Fans are turning against Mayweather because of his behaviour and the fact that it is crystal clear that he’s been ducking The Pac-man, and essentially hurting boxing. It’s the fight that everyone wants to see, and Mayweather is the only reason it hasn’t happened yet, that’s why his fans are a little jaded. It’s pretty straightforward.

Manny Pacquiao has never made a homophobic rant against him, Manny Pacquiao has never accused him of taking steroids, in fact Manny Pacquiao has been nothing but a class act. Meanwhile, Mayweather has done nothing but become the biggest coward in boxing. That’s not a diss, that’s a fact.

Until he fights Pacquiao, he is not the pound for pound best fighter, no matter what his undefeated record says.


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