Pacquiao continues court case as Floyd wants the world for fight

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Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in courtThe fight that would bring together two of the best fighters of the current generation still looks a long way off as Manny Pacquiao was given permission to continue with a court case against Floyd Mayweather.

In a Nevada courthouse, US District Judge Larry Hicks said that the Filipino has sufficient evidence to continue the case against Mayweather and his amigos after they accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs.

The row started as the two fighters were attempting to reach an agreement on a fight in 2009. Negotiations stalled over the random dope testing that the Mayweather camp were requesting in the lead up to the fight. Pacquiao explained that having to draw blood less than 24 days before the fight would make him weak therefore presenting an advantage to the American fighter.

Mayweather is then cited as saying in a radio interview that Pacquiao’s physique was such “cause we know the Philippines got the best enhancing drugs.”

The crossfire has gone backwards and forwards ever since and the two look further apart than a newly divorced couple right now. Pacquiao’s still fighting and will take on Shane Mosley in just over a month’s time whereas Mayweather is to all intents and purposes carving himself out a successful career as a sports bettor. Well, one where you only post the successful betting slips to your Twitter and tell everyone you always win.

There are also rumors that Mayweather will only take $100m to fight the Filipino but why can’t one of these two fighters just take on the attitude of British boxer David Haye?

Haye and [insert brother] Klitschko have sorted out the fight that everyone wants to see, the British fighter simply submitting to the Ukrainian’s every need to get the fight on. It might be wise for Mayweather to just agree to fight Pacquiao. Money might make the world go round but you’d like to think knocking out Pacquiao and may rank higher on his list of priorities. This is “Money” Mayweather were talking about though.


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