Existence of karma confirmed as Mayweather hit with $3.4m IRS tax bill

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floyd-mayweather-irs-tax-billBoxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been pretty successful at not being hit by challenger Manny Pacquiao, mostly by avoiding getting into the ring with the Filipino fighter. But Mayweather hasn’t been so good at ducking the blows of the Internal Revenue Service. The Detroit News is reporting that Mayweather has been tagged with a $3.4m bill for unpaid taxes in 2009. This would be on top of the $5.6m Mayweather was forced to remit to the IRS over unpaid taxes in 2007.

It probably didn’t help that the man who calls himself “money” has been using his Twitter feed almost exclusively as a soapbox to trumpet his apparently perfect basketball betting record. Just the other day, Floyd noted that “Today was a good day. It took 24 minutes to make $40,000 dollars on the Portland Trailblazers.” Curiously, Floyd has yet to tweet “Today sucked. Took 24 hours to lose $3.4m to the Washington Beancounters.”

Coming as it did on the first day of a new month, this latest IRS action doesn’t bode well for Mayweather’s other pending legal issues. On April 25, Mayweather will be in court defending himself on battery charges against a security guard at his homeowners association. Three days later, Mayweather will be in another court to face domestic violence charges stemming from an altercation with former girlfriend Josie Harris. (Seems Floyd will fight anyone not named Pacquiao.) And then there’s the defamation lawsuit brought by Pacquiao over Mayweather’s allegations that Manny used performance-enhancing drugs, a case that a federal judge rejected Mayweather’s request to dismiss just 10 days ago.

In his ceaseless efforts to convince/cajole/shame Mayweather to get in the ring, Manny’s done everything except hire a guy to dress up in a chicken costume and lay an egg on Floyd’s lawn every morning. The way we see it, the IRS is as fed up as the rest of us with Floyd’s stalling, so it has secretly joined forces with plaintiffs and courts to ensure that Floyd’s bankroll becomes so depleted, he’ll have no choice but to sign on the dotted line and FIGHT MANNY ALREADY.


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