Wales may have to call on an actual dragon

Welsh may need a dragon

Welsh may need a dragonAny chance that Wales had to even tell England that they were taking part in a game on Saturday may have been extinguished after it was revealed that mercurial midfielder Gareth Bale would miss the clash in Cardiff.

The lead-up to the game has been dominated by talk of how Fabio Capello’s men could stop Bale and it had seemed like Wales had a fighting chance of snatching a point.

A statement from the Football Association of Wales read thus, “Due to a hamstring problem, Gareth Bale has had to withdraw from the Wales squad to face England.”

Rumors are abounding as to how he sustained the injury but the crosshairs are firmly sighted on one man.

It seems like Ashley Cole must have got out that trusty air rifle of his once again to show that only he is the best left sided player at firing a gun in the entire world and ending the hopes of Bale to put one over on his club team mates on the other team.

Bale’s pull out leaves Wales in a quandary and the real possibility that they actually try to smuggle a real-life dragon onto the pitch to scare the living daylights out of any England player that gets in the way. Y’know, it’ll be like a WWE inferno match except the players actually get third degree burns. Obviously as long as the Welsh TV networks carry the slogan “remember kids don’t try this at home” it’s completely ok. If the WWE does it why can’t soccer?

The Welsh are now as long as 7/1 to win the game and it will take an effort of some magnitude to take the points from England.