Nokia lagging behind in the mobile OS market

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nokia-lagging-behind-in-os-marketThe mobile operating system market has been plotted on a new infographic released on a mobile content website and shows just how unpredictable the market place really is.

Over the past year or so the smart phone market has grown worldwide so that now it dominates the worldwide marketplace, especially in the more economically developed countries of the Western world.

As per usual though, there’s a loser in the bigger markets and like many times before the prize goes to the Finnish company, Nokia. The company aren’t even listed such has been there drop in market share in certain countries.

In the USA Apple (35%), Blackberry (28%), and Android (27%) own the majority of the market with Nokia not listed as one of the top providers. The situation is the same over in the UK where Apple (42%) and Blackberry (36%) dominate the market, Android a distant third with 12%.

The one market which could grow massively in future where Nokia is the market leader is China, where they have an overwhelming 59% share. This is before Apple hasn’t really decided on plans for the country yet though. Apart from that Nokia’s strong holds are Egypt (80%) and India (71%) both of which it’s fair to say aren’t anywhere near some of those mentioned earlier in the Western world.

It will interesting to see whether the Nokia tie up to use the Windows Phone OS has any effect on the market place but the online gambling firms are likely to be clutching their iPhone’s, Android’s, and Blackberry’s very tightly for some time yet.


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