Agreement between Nokia and Microsoft opens up even more opportunities

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nokia-windows-tie-upThe death knell appeared to have chimed for Nokia earlier this month as their operating system showed that it was now behind Android in terms of smart phone operating systems. Nokia wasn’t going to be down in the depths for long though.

The Finnish firm has seemingly scrapped their Symbian operating system and will now be implementing the Windows Phone OS across their range of smart phones, a deal that Nokia hopes will kick them back into shape.

It’s not known yet whether Symbian will be completely binned, or if this gives Nokia exclusivity over Windows, but a number of other things were revealed in the blog post.

Much of it concerns the two companies working together closely on development, using the expertise that both have to further enhance the customer experience, and that search will be powered by Bing and maps by Nokia.

The Windows Phone OS will still have a long way to go to get anywhere near what Android has achieved but by teaming up with Nokia it will give them a leg up in the marketplace in addition to the fact that they’re Microsoft. Recent surveys showed that it is ranked in last amongst the big four smart phone operating systems by app developers. It is getting closer to Blackberry and in such a fast changing industry things can change drastically.

In terms of the online gambling industry, a new medium that apps and mobile content can be offered is only good news. Although it’s unlikely that companies will start to develop content right away for the Windows/Nokia app store, website based gambling is a very large part of the market that will already be open to anyone owning a Windows Phone OS device.


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