Microsoft playing catch up with Windows 7 phone launch

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Microsoft announced today that the company is preparing to launch it’s own version of Apple’s iphone with its Windows Phone 7 mobile. The launch isn’t actually scheduled until Nov 8, but I suppose it’s never too early to build excitement. But is too late for Microsoft?

As for online gambling operators, as if they needed anymore indication of how big mobile gaming could potentially be… With a major player like Microsoft joining the game it’s all that more important for operators to be proactive in preparing to fully capitalize on the future of mobile gaming.

Apple has owned the iphone world, does Microsoft really think they can just show up and take a bite of of Apple’s market share? And is their product good enough? Is it different enough? Will it cause people to look at their iphones and break them over their knees in disgust?

It’s a tall order. Anyone who know someone with iPhone knows how much that person loves that iphone, and knows how connected into almost every facet of that person’s life that small flat screened hand-held device has become. But to Microsoft’s credit, they’ve made a strong effort to differentiate the phone, and that’s sure to catch someone’s eye. The interface is different, it doesn’t have small icons like the iPhone and Android phones. Windows Phone 7 uses large, dynamic tiles that Microsoft says it wants to be intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, it features a “people hub” that tracks updates across a user’s contact list. Xbox Live players can take their accounts on the go, too, similar to iphone’s GameCenter.

The phone is also expected to be released in a variety of forms, 9 to be exact in 30 different countries but all with AT&T. This may be the best card Microsoft has to play as Microsoft has announced partnerships with Samsung, LG and HTC. People like being different, even if they’re the same, you wonder though, is all this coming just a little too late? And what took so damn long?

Although, we should keep in mind, many thought Microsoft joined the video game console race late with Xbox…Seemed to turn out just fine.


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