Could Christie’s presidential aspirations sink iGaming laws in NJ?

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Could-Christies-presidential-aspirations-sink-iGaming-laws-in-NJThat’s because New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican from Mendham, has thus far refused to sign the bill that he had seemed so gung ho about earlier in the year. Analysts speculate that this stalling could be representative of more lofty ambitions for the chubby 48-year old.

It’s no secret that the Republican Party at large has been largely opposed to the legislation, and with no clear frontrunner for who the party will run against current president Barack Obama in 2012, Christie doesn’t want to ruffle too many stuffed shirts in the hopes of a potential party nod.

Though let’s be honest, unless some miracle man named John Reagan Everyman comes marching through a cornfield holding the second amendment in one hand and a bald eagle in the other, that nomination is likely going to the mildly bangable, but hopelessly terrible Sarah Palin. As such, Christie may want to risk pissing off a few of the old guard, and help his state climb out of debt.



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