This is how Sepp Blatter gets his kicks…

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sepp-blatter-pisses-off-englishSometimes UEFA and FIFA really don’t make it very easy for themselves as far as building bridges with those in the UK are concerned. Fair enough, they didn’t want us to have the World Cup. We reckon that most of the general public have gotten over Sepp Blatter deciding that we had the worst bid out of any of those contending. Even worse than Belgium!

The problem with FIFA is that they are a real sucker for money. You’ve heard of gold digging mistresses. This is like taking 30 of them and putting them all in a room with football as the feeding block for their addiction to the green stuff.

This week has seen them embark on two of their latest missions to make money – both planned to be at the expense of the UK.

First off FIFA and UEFA were lobbying the UK to change the right for international tournaments to be kept on terrestrial TV. It was rumoured that the money was needed to pay for the stilts that the floating, air-conditioned stadiums are going to be kept on in Qatar. Their bulging money-clips will still be full to bursting point even though this was rejected out of hand.

Ticket prices for yesterday’s Champions League final were yesterday released for the showpiece at London’s Wembley Stadium in May, coming in at a whopping £176 for the cheapest seats. That price includes an administration fee of £26.

Now obviously Super Bowl tickets are wildly more expensive than this. Soccer is thought to be different though. World Cup Final tickets were cheaper by almost £100 and it’s 15% more than it cost last year.

This is the work of UEFA, but you can imagine that Sepp Blatter is laughing his head off somewhere about pissing off the English yet again.


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