Alberta set to redesign VLTs

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alberta-to-redesign-vltsProvinces and states that offer some sort of gambling across North America are slowly increasing and as we’ve seen online is where various states are thinking of going next. With many offline operations, they suffer when online is introduced meaning that they need to find ways to attract more custom.

Canadian province Alberta is no different in this respect and as such, according to Calgary Herald, the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission (ALGC) is looking to hire a research consultant to help make VLT games more profitable.

Citizens in the state currently spend around $23billion on lottery tickets, slots, and VLTs, but that obviously isn’t enough for the ALGC.

The board has since received criticism from some circles that it will simply lead to an increase in problem gambling as well as any money that is there to be made.

Lynn Hutchings-Mah, spokesperson for the ALGC said “We just want to see what kinds of games people want to play.”

One critic, Dr. Robert Williams, research co-ordinator for the Alberta Gaming Research Institute, is quoted as saying “The intention seems to be, How can we jazz up the new machines? But where is the consideration on how to ensure things are delivered in a responsible way.”

There are no ideas out yet as to how they think the best way to jazz up the machines may be but writing “I will win you loads of money and not cost you anything” on the machine, might be a prototype to put in there just to see how pissed the critics get.


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