Cavs and Wizards snap futility streaks

Byron ScottThanks to the LA Clippers, Sunday night hoops didn’t play out as I had hoped it would. I was hoping to see the Cavaliers’ consecutive game losing streak on the line against the Wizards road losing streak in what would have been and still was, a battle of the NBA’s ratball allstars. Instead I only got half of what I was wishing for, which actually made the game not worth watching at all.

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally won a game, they beat the Clippers in OT on Friday night, snapping their 26 game losing streak. So now they’re just tied for the worst losing streak in the history of professional sports. Am I disappointed? Yes. We all should be, the Clippers cost us a chance to see history made. But there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here. Never put your trust in the Clippers. Perhaps that’s a lesson that I should have already learned from watching the Clippers franchise over the years, so shame on me.

As for the Washington Wizards, they can break out the bubbly, and John Wall can do the Dougy, they finally won a game on the road, their first one of the season. Of course, that win came against the Cavs, who after snapping their losing streak, are already back to their old losing ways. Any takers on how long this next Cavs losing streak will last? 10? 20? 30 plus?

I’m a little worried now about my future bets on both the Cavs and the Wizards. Before this weekend, those two teams had been rounding out my parlays quite nicely as I could almost guarantee a loss from the Cavs and the Wizards, if they were on the road. Not sure that should change all that much.

Shitty teams generally do one thing all season long, and that’s stink it up.