England’s John Terry quits gambling

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john-terry-quits-gamblingIf you play professional soccer and earn around £9million a year before any other endorsements it means you have quite a lot of cash to do what you please. Some might advise you to just put it all in savings or invest it in property, but that’s about as fun as putting it in a big glass box and simply staring at it.

Many will be slightly amused at the latest news to come off the John Terry newswire but it just shows what we might have thought all along – he’s a purveyor of gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on.

We’re not endorsing Terry’s actions in the past, that have extended to cheating on his wife (should have just stayed single John), sleeping with his team mate’s ex-girlfriend, and illegally selling tours of Chelsea’s training ground. Although when we found out he likes to put a fair amount of money over the bookmaker’s counter and trips to Vegas, we suddenly stood up and took notice.

Granted we would probably have advised him to use online gambling sites instead of walking into betting establishments with huge wedges of cash but that’s what being a celebrity’s all about I suppose.

According to reports today he has settled all his debts, closed his accounts, and won’t be stepping foot in Vegas ever again. Not even to get another marriage, JT?

A spokesman for the star confirmed to The Sun: “John does not gamble at all these days.”

There are already a number JT-gambling related odds available including him being spotted at a bookies tomorrow at 100/1, and taking a vacation in Vegas next month at 33/1.


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