Bookies expect bigger action on Pro-Bowl

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Marshawn LynchThere’s only one place I wish I could be this weekend, that’s in sunny Honalulu watching the Pro Bowl and unlike the Super Bowl, they’ll have sweet and sexy cheerleaders. It seems now, finally, the Pro Bowl is getting the love it deserves, who knew all it would take was a little schedule change?

Years ago, the Pro Bowl was always slated in to take place after the Super Bowl. But following up the biggest sporting event in North America is kind of like playing after Justin Beiber…Wait, check that. It’s not like that at all. It’s kind of like following up Michael Jordan with Lebron James or having sex with a regular girl after you’ve been with a porn star. Sure, it’s good, but, you’ve seen better.

As far as betting goes, it’s reasonable to assume that after the Super Bowl is over most gambler’s foot-ball season is over, and they’re about ready to cash out instead of risking their winnings for the season and the Super Bowl on the Pro-Bowl. Of course, the hard-cores are the hard cores and they hang in there till the end.

Last year in Miami was the first time the Pro Bowl had ever been played before the Super Bowl. This year again, with the Pro Bowl being moved to take place before the Super Bowl, shouldn’t it be reasonable to expect that gamblers are still in football mode, leading up to the Super Bowl? And as a result, can’t we assume that bettor will be more willing to wager more on the Pro Bowl than in previous years?

Instead of just throwing out assumptions, we decided to ask the experts. Richard Gardner of Bodog told, “I would say it is a safe bet that handle will be higher with the game in front of the Superbowl. With a lot of the props being open and people going to check those out, will also mean that the occasional player will spend a little on the Pro Bowl while they are there.”

It makes sense, why wouldn’t they? But it’s not just the Pro Bowl that will see more action, this year. The Super Bowl may be the biggest sporting event in North America, but it is without question the biggest event in the gaming industry as far as sports betting is concerned. Sportsbooks put on their own show during the Super Bowl, and Sportsbooks like Bodog show case their very own Pro Bowl of Props for the event. Seriously, they’ve got every single player prop you can think of, to cross sport Super Bowl props like:

SUPER BOWL XLV CROSS SPORT PROPS – What will be higher on February 6th 2011?
Ben Roethlisberger TD Passes
Pick (EVEN)
Sidney Crosby Points
Pick (-130)

Many of these props are so funny and so outrageous, you can’t help but throw some money at them. Christina Aguilera is going to be singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, so courtesy of the Bodog Sportsbook, there’s a prop on her too.

Super Bowl XLV Specials – How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem?
Time starts from when she starts singing until her last note ends.
Over 1 minute 50 seconds
Under 1 minute 50 seconds

The way she holds those notes, I wouldn’t be surprised if she eclipses the two minute mark!


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