Another given leave at Sky over sexism row

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sky-sexism-rowIt wouldn’t be that surprising if you were to swing past Sky’s headquarters in South West London and here the sound of “Another Bites the Dust” as if they’re filming the comeback of the Gladiators for the spring. The truth is that Rupert Murdoch is losing football correspondents and reputation in equal measure as days go by.

It all started this weekend as a woman was picked to run the line at a televised Premier League game between Wolves and Liverpool. Sky’s Richard Keys and Andy Gray had their say on it and now it has really blown up in Sky’s collective face. Add this to the phone hacking fiasco at the News of the World, Murdoch might do well to stay in the US forever.

Today the man known in some circles as Sky’s “transfer gimp”, Andy Burton, has also been given a leave of absence for tonight’s Carling Cup game between Birmingham City and West Ham due to the following video footage.

As for the row itself, it really shouldn’t pain Sky too much to sack all of them. I mean in this day and age there really is no excuse for this type of opinion. It’s no different to them coming out and saying that black referees shouldn’t be allowed because of the colour of their skin or that homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed due to their sexual preference.

If they’d made comments on either of those two issues, they’d have been out within the hour – unfortunately, the world’s most popular sport still doesn’t seem to be able to get past the issue of sexism.


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