32Red expecting major revenue surge

32Red’s iPhone App was a hot item over the holidays and performed so well that the company made some key sponsorship deals, including one with Northern Racing.

It’s a fact, 32Red as a company, performed exceptionally well in 2010 and now they’re predicting their financial results may do more than just back them up.

The company improved customer retention with active casino players rising 23% from 2009. In addition, the casino player yield rose to £479 per player compared to £458 in 2009. The company said strong trading performance is also likely to see the company deliver profits that are ahead of current market expectations for 2010.

The company is now also making it clear that they haven’t grown immovable roots in the UK, and they’re on the lookout for new emerging markets.

32Red CEO, Ed Ware said “The strong 2010 performance is particularly pleasing in times of continued economic uncertainty in our primary market, the UK.”