Probability releases record figures

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probability-record-figuresIt’s probably the worst kept secret that the gambling industry has been unashamedly courting the smart phone industry for some time now. One of the leaders in the mobile gaming industry has today released their figures doing nothing to destabilize the mobile gaming bandwagon. If anything a new set of alloys may well be acquired by the guys driving the wagon.

Probability’s figures released today show a record number of player deposits and wagering, in addition to a 30% increase in player revenues for the third quarter.

A statement to the stock exchange this morning, said: “The strong growth in customer deposits and activity which started in the second quarter of this financial year has accelerated into the third quarter, with December 2010 setting records for both player deposits and wagering activity.”

This quarter saw player deposits 35% higher than the previous quarter to 30th September 2010, with the recently launched iPhone and Android device services accounting for 27% of deposits in December 2010.

Charles Cohen, Probability plc CEO, commented: “This was a record quarter for Probability. It seems that the snow helped, and our hunch is that customers were turning to their mobiles for entertainment
when they found themselves stuck at home or elsewhere.

This was after part of the trading update showed that on the days with the worst snow in December wagering increased by 15%.

“Either way, what matters to us are the underlying trends which show that this business is on the right side of powerful technological and behavioral changes as people increasingly direct their attention to smartphones and tablets.

“The best demonstration of this is the rapid takeup of our services on the iPhone. These users are now approaching 30% of our business, from a standing start in August. We have had great success in managing the upgrade path for players who buy an iPhone or Android device and want to take their gambling account with them.”

This further boosts the thinking that mobile is the present and future for the gambling industry.


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