True identity of Isildur1 to be revealed tomorrow night

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isildur1-identity-to-be-revealedAlready in 2011 the poker news columns have been dominated by the online phenomenon that is Sweden’s finest, Isildur1. Since he started to make an impact on the online gaming scene back in late 2009 speculation has been rife as to whom he actually is. It seems moving to Team PokerStars Pro was the worst move Viktor Blom Isildur1 could have made in his drive to stay anonymous.

To everyone who has speculated as to who, when, or what Isildur1 is, they will be pleased to find out at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at 7pm ET tomorrow night. Viktor Blom happens to be playing in the tournament, and according to, the tournament announcer said:

“Viktor Blom, the elusive young Swede, has just joined our field. He’s drawn Table 2 Seat 8, and Vivek Rajkumar will have the unenviable task of dealing with the maniac on his direct left.

“There’s a lot of speculation regarding the other identity of Blom, many claiming that he is indeed the Isildur1 of nosebleed online fame. We can’t say for sure, but PokerStars is set to reveal the true identity of their newest online pro on Saturday at 7:00 P.M. Are Blom and Isildur1 the same person? We’ll know for sure in just over 48 hours.”

So, by tomorrow night all the speculating will be over and the identity of the extremely successful online poker player will be released. We can only hope there’s another one coming off the conveyor belt to launch another couple of years worth of speculation.


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