Will Facebook float in 2011?

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facebook-to-float-2011In the online gambling industry 2010 saw one of the largest privately operating company make the decision to float with what may turn out to be disastrous consequences in the end. Amongst the sites thought to be gearing up for floatation in the coming year is one of the biggest companies to exist on the Internet right now.

Individuals that don’t have a profile on the social networking site, Facebook, are those that either live their life somewhere in the forest where no one can get at them or they’re just doing it to make a point. Either that or you’ve made the misguided decision to only open up an account on Myspace. Knock knock… Is Mr Murdoch there?

Amongst the noise coming from Facebook, of which there is at least 500 million user’s worth of, is that Time Person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg will be floating after raising another $500million from investment by Goldman Sachs and a Russian investment firm (I’m sure there was a betting site offering odds on this.)

Facebook ended the year on a high after being ranked the top site by Google and Zuckerberg’s quarter of Facebook may now be worth as much as $14billion following the new valuation of the site at almost $60billion were it to float.

If it were an online gambling site we’d discourage them from floating but Zuckerberg likes the green stuff and the pressure from outside investors is likely to push them to do just that. Money on Facebook still being the word on everyone’s lips come 2021? Well if we’re actually here by then, it wouldn’t be completely out of the park to suggest that Facebook will be designing planes by then and Zuckerberg will be governor of California.


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