Managerial merry go round in full swing


managerial-merry-go-roundAnyone with a vested interested in sports news will know that the writing has been on the wall for some time as far as Rafael Benitez’s tenure at Inter Milan is concerned. His imminent departure from Inter could trigger off a managerial merry-go-round the like of which has never been seen before, and could be subject to quite the collection of vomit when it’s over.

First off, we’ll look at Rafa’s situation. His first trophy, the World Club Cup, looks to be more of a parting gift and it’s been a disappointing season as the Spaniard has led the treble-winning side to 7th place in the league, 13 points behind cross-city rivals, AC.

Benitez obviously did no research before joining Inter, after confronting chairman Massimo Moratti and openly criticizing him. The past would have shown the poor guy that this is a terrible thing to do. Rafa was too busy baking paella at the time.

The rumour mill surrounding who might take over the poisoned chalice at the San Siro is circling around one man – England manager Fabio Capello. It’s not like Capello has done nothing whilst holding the England job. Without wanting to be critical though, he is paid a huge salary that he’s unlikely to want to give up in a hurry. He doesn’t have the best QUALIFYING record for no reason – it’s just when it gets to major tournaments that the English are unstuck.

So while Capello sits in the tea cup, and Rafa is atop the horse, our next man will be playing the gypsy trade right out of the back of the carriage being pulled by that horse.

Harry Redknapp, Tottenham manager, has been linked with the England job more times than anyone cares to remember, and would LOVE to take it. Although, it might not be the best of ideas to give up the day job at Spurs, he would jump at the chance to manage England. Redknapp has an eye for a bargain in the transfer market, something that won’t mean nuffin’ if he takes the England job.

Graham Sharpe, spokesperson for William Hill, is understandly following this story closely. He said: “We have seen a number of admittedly modest bets for Harry to be the next boss out, but that would only be a logical bet in the event that Fabio Capello was going to leave his England role – and we offer 8/1 that that happens before the end of the year.”

Who else should we expect aboard the ride though?

It might be a very outlandish prediction but here goes: ex-Fulham manager Roy Hodgson to Spurs, Jose Mourinho to Liverpool, Benitez ending up at Real Madrid. How’s that for a merry go round!?