Victor Chandler to air first TV commercial

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victor-chandler-advertIn Victor Chandler, you have one of the self-confessed “old boys” of the gambling industry. He’s one of the only gentlemen bookmakers left in the industry and as such commands a great amount of respect. You can imagine the old boys playing pranks on each other with alarming alacrity before they all retired to the bar for a well-earned pint or ten. We’d even go as far to suggest the old boys would very much enjoy a hearty does gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on. You know where we are Victor.

Therefore, we’ve already seen that Victor is a puppy for cameras following his encounter with the tablog team at iGaming Espana in Madrid. Earlier this year he was involved in the closest thing the sports betting industry has come to a tabloid romance as he began a relationship with his cousin’s ex. Now VC has gone one better with a new TV ad.

The commercial, which will air at 7:59pm on ITV this Wednesday, minutes before England kick off at home to France, stars comic Paddy McGuinness.

“The whole concept of the ad is that when you bet with Victor Chandler, you actually bet with Victor Chandler. So it’s almost a personal bet between mates,” commented Creative director, Ian Buttle.


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