The call is betting against the house

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Steve Jobsus

Steven Jobsus, Son of God/Apple CEO

They say there’s an app for that. A new report from London consulting firm H2 Gambling Capital has revealed that more and more people are using their phones for online gambling.

“A number of European companies are generating as much as 15 percent of their business from this source now, especially those with iPhone, iPad or Android applications,”H2 Gambling Capital director Simon Holliday said in a release.

Among the leading factors that makes gamblers happy enough to dance in silhouette against a brightly colored background is the touchscreen feature offered by many modern phones and tablet devices. The report indicates that a computer’s point-and-click gambling interface simply can’t compare with… well, touch-and-click, I guess.

Best of all, Apple has been promoting an upcoming announcement so unforgettable that you’ll probably want to whisper its contents into your grandchildren’s ears from your deathbed. Current speculation says that yuppie messiah Steve Jobs may be revealing a new operating system, but we’re hoping for a Verizon iPhone so we can gamble with an unlimited data plan.


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