FIFA announces investigation into corruption

fifa-logoLast month FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter and his organization uncovered large scale corruption and vote fixing. Sepp and his mates all sounded rather surprised at all of it and looked as if they were completely alien to the word corruption. Blatter’s getting rather serious about it all now though.

The scandal made a mockery of the meeting that was supposed to discuss goal-line technology in the Welsh capital, Cardiff. Initially published by the Sunday Times, the allegations center around Spain/Portugal and Qatar attempting to buy votes so that certain countries would back their bid for the World Cup. FIFA’s ethics committee will first rule on the accusations, before a meeting of the executive committee will discuss what the ethics committee has found, and how many brown envelopes were actually involved.

FIFA have had no real choice but to act swiftly on this as voting for the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 tournaments concludes in early December. Russia are favourites in a lot of people’s minds for 2018, England now lagging behind in second place. Votes for large events of this ilk don’t tend to go the way of the forecasters though.