All bets are off with Auburn

Ever since the Cam Newton scandal broke out Auburn has been under fire. With Newton in the hunt for the Heisman, it was thought that he was already being punished prematurely for the sins of Reggie Bush. Why the young man’s academic records are opened up to the public are beyond me. Hell, he’s not the only kid to ever get caught for cheating on a test or handing in a paper he didn’t write. But the other accusations that his father and him allegedly sought money to attend Mississippi State, now those could be damaging, if they were true.

To date, nothing has been proven regarding Newton’s academic record or other alleged NCAA infractions. But this story won’t seem to go away. Auburn has maintained that Newton will continue to be their starting QB for the rest of the season at 10-0 with a possible championship on the line, you can’t blame them. But does that mean that Newton is innocent? You would assume if there was a grain of truth to any of the allegations against Newton, that the school wouldn’t risk sanctions by playing him, or would they?

When most of the Casino’s in Vegas have taken down the Auburn odds something has to be going down. Does Vegas know something? Would it surprise anyone if they did? It’s not just Vegas casinos shelving odds on Newton, online bookmakers like Bodog and Intertops also stopped taking action on game between Georgia and Auburn. Now let’s be real, bookmakers don’t just say no to money, so there has to be something going down that makes the game, shall we say “compromised,” and all signs point to Cam Newton saga which must have been making the line bounce like a bra-less Kim Kardashian running down steps.