What will Clattenburg do next?

mark-clattenburgFootball referees don’t usually get a very good press at all. You can just imagine that they were those little kids that no one liked as they were telling everyone what to do before being bogwashed in the nearest stall available. This may be why the only song that gets sung with any frequency towards a referee involves frequent use of the word “wanker.”

Mark Clattenburg has been this season’s biggest “wanker in the black.” The controversy at Old Trafford involving Manchester United winger Nani was partly Clattenburg’s doing, and Stan James Head of PR, Charlie McCann, seems to think he may go one better this midweek.

“Most neutrals would suggest Stoke haven’t been getting the rub of the green in their recent fixtures and referee Mark Clattenburg will officiate tomorrow night’s live encounter from the Britannia – his first Premier League game since Nanigate,” said McCann.

He continued: “They say decisions even themselves out over the course of a season. We bet 11/2 Stoke are awarded a penalty, 7/1 that a Blues player is sent off and 1000/1 that a Rory Delap throw in goes straight into the net without anyone getting a touch and Mark Clattenburg awards a goal.”

Tuesday we’ll see if any of this comes about but I’d personally like to see him inadvertently kick the ball into the net and his arm to spasm causing him to punch the air. Maybe in heaven, eh!