New iPhone browser still doesn’t allow online casino games

no-iphone-gamblingCurrently the holy grail for iGaming companies is the iPhone and mobile gambling in general. I’m not talking about everyone in the industry wanting to own one, or the fact that the first letter of each is in lower case regardless of whether it begins a sentence – although that’s a rather a good selling point. Mobile gambling already works on certain systems, however, many sites need Flash in order to operate to their full potential. This is where Apple’s iPhone falls down.

The new system was supposed to solve this. Not on your Nelly!

Apple’s new Skyfire browser, released on 4th November, offers a clever way round Flash, enabling it to work on the Apple-compliant web standard HTML5. This was meant to help all those using no-download browser based casino games. It looks as though it’s only supporting video though. Fans of video services such as Youtube and Youporn will be happy with this news, iGamers, however, will not be.

It’s not the end of the road as the Skyfire should be easy enough for developers to manipulate the software for future use. For now though you will have to buy a Android or just sit tight if you want to play on casinos on the move.

Google 1-0 Apple.