Betfair opening Dublin office, but not ditching UK over levy

betfair-dublin-officeDespite Betfair chief exec David Yu’s statement to the Sunday Telegraph that the company would have to “have to consider what’s right for the business over the long term” if the British Horseracing Authority didn’t cut them some slack over the Levy issue, the company has since walked back that comment. A spokesperson now claims that Betfair “will continue to pay the UK horseracing levy, and all other statuatory requirements, as required.” In other words, they ain’t going anywhere. At least, not until David Yu gives another interview.

Actually, Betfair is planning on going to Dublin early next year to open a new data center and relocate some customer operation teams. The new Irish operation is expected to involve about 100 positions, although it’s unclear how many of these will be new local hires, likely dependent on how many existing staff are interested in relocating to the Emerald Isle. Actually, given Betfair’s business model, we kinda figured they’d simply try to find an Irish company that had 100 employees who wanted to work in the UK, and then match that with their own offer. Plus they’d take a commission. Brilliant!