Becky’s Bender: Spanish siestas and iGB Espana fiestas

Siesta-iGB-EspanaThe second annual iGB Espana is just around the corner and it’s all taking place in one of the most world-renowned party cities, Madrid, Spain. I have never been to Madrid, but hear that the club scene is madness and usually lasts until the early morning hours, even during the week. So how do they do it while maintaining a full time job? The answer is simple. A “siesta”.

Traditionally the Spanish afternoon siesta was put into effect because Spain is a hot country and it’s impossible to work in the fields without shelter from the heat. Additionally, the Spanish enjoy a long lunch with family and require some rest before heading back to work in the afternoon after eating a huge meal. Right. I think these explanations are all a load of crap and that the Spanish simply like to party…the siesta is clearly an excuse for an afternoon nap the day after.

So, without further ado, let’s do like the Spanish do and party during iGB Espana! Only problem is I don’t see any siestas on the schedule…

Thursday, 4 November
Join your fellow delegates at the conference hotel piano lounge bar for welcome drinks and tapas. This is a perfect opportunity to make some new friends before the show starts, and let’s face it…you’re lucky if you can find a restaurant that opens for dinner before 9pm, so you’ll need something to do till then!

Where: Piano Lounge Bar, Melia Avenida America Hotel
When: 7pm

Friday, 5 November
Time to get this fiesta started!! The Official iGB Espana party will be taking place at Pacha Madrid, the world famous “mega club” that includes two floors of music and a third VIP floor called El Cielo or “Heaven” which is full of the extra beautiful people. Pacha is known for glitz, glamour, large lines, young crowds, purple lighting, excellent dance music, and a lot of misbehavior, so clearly we’re in for a treat. The part that kind of scares me is that this place doesn’t even open their doors until 11:30pm and no one really goes until 3am. EEK! Day two of iGB Espana is going to be interesting.

Where: Pacha Madrid, C/Barcelo 11
When: 11:30-sunrise (at least!)
Hosted by: Gaming in Spain
Sponsored by: Stargames, Cantabingo, Winpicks Magazine & GranViaOnline

Saturday, 6 November
Everyone loves the day two party of an iGaming conference because we do not have to get up early the next day…or at least I don’t! iGaming Business has organized an official networking party for Saturday night, but the details are still under wraps so it looks like you’re going to have to wait until next Friday’s Becky’s Bender to find out what they are. That is, if we’re still alive after Pacha…

It’s not too late if you want to check out iGB Espana, register now and come join the party! Don’t forget, all affiliates go for free and the Ayre Heads and I will see you there.