Paddy Power launches Contacts For Difference platform

Paddy-Power-Contracts-DifferenceBetter late than never… Way back in February, Paddy Power had promised that a Contacts For Difference (CFD) platform was coming in the second quarter. Well, their baby may have been overdue, but now that it’s here, the Paddies are proud papas all the same.

Back in February, Paddy Power Trader commercial manager Davin McAnaney was in serious undersell mode when he described their upcoming product thusly: “We are a new player in the space. Are we going to bring a world-beating platform? No.” (Enough playing hard to get… Kiss me, you fool!) But just listen to Davin now: “We have a very easy to use platform already so you can get started trading quickly. Throw in some of the tightest spreads in the business and low margin requirements and you have a pretty exciting offering.”

To get people besides Davin excited about using the new CFD platform, Paddy will be offering monthly seminars in London and Dublin to help explain to you non-City types just what the hell CFDs are. Paddy is also keen to alert their existing financial spread betting clients that they can easily fund their new CFD action from the same online wallet and/or pot o’ gold.