Betfair launches two new products

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new!When it comes to a company people wouldn’t mind becoming close friends with, right now Betfair wouldn’t be far from off the top. They allow you to become a bookmaker at a few clicks of a mouse and even give you a chance to own a piece of the pie – if you like pie from the Ritz that is. Being the world’s largest online sport betting provider and online betting exchange you’d have thought they’ve got enough on their plate. That was before, to congratulate them on their IPO, they were awarded a larger plate.

Rather unwittingly, it has finally allowed them to launch the LMAX service they’ve been planning for months. Originally established by Betfair back in 2007, the FSA-authorised subsidiary will allow give customers an exchange platform for trading of contracts for difference (CFDs) and foreign exchange contracts (FX).

In addition to this, as a present to themselves, Betfair have launched Betchecker to allow their customers to compare and contrast their odds with up to four competitors simultaneously. With a few services already offering this, Betfair are obviously hoping their legion of customers plump for Betchecker.


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