GeoSweep online lottery picks winners using Google Maps

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GeoSweep-Google-MapsGeoSweep, a new online lottery that launched Thursday in the UK, employs a little more advanced technology than its competitors. Instead of picking a specific set of numbers, GeoSweep players pick a location on the map, such as your house, your workplace, the roadside where you ran that guy over with your Aston Martin, etc. And instead of the ‘watch the whirling balls’ method of picking the winners, GeoSweep uses Google Maps technology to identify which location is the lucky winner.

Each spot costs you 10p, or £3 per month and there are two daily draws – one with a guaranteed pot of £5K and the other with the potential to win £1M. The company’s principals – two brothers, one of whom is only 20 — are aiming to have signed up 250K players by January and also claim that they’ve received interest from a major national lottery group on the continent.


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