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Poker has been growing at a break neck pace over the past few years and whether guys like to admit it or not, many women are just as likely to kick your ass, it’s no longer just a man’s game. But this is a good thing, have you seen some of the superstar women poker players and their poker faces? Beautiful, just beautiful… Although, I’m sure it’s a little harder to appreciate it when you’re sitting across the table from one of them and they’ve got you by the balls.

With all the beautiful lady poker players out there, we polled the industry to find out which one of them takes the cake. We asked the industry out of Trishelle Cannatella, Annie Duke, Evelyn Ng, Lacey Jones, and Sara Underwood, ” Which female poker player would you most like to see in an interview”? Here are the results.

Taking in the lioness’s share with 44% of the votes was Sara Underwood. Great choice, she’s beautiful, talented, can kick your ass in poker, what more could you want?

Now, industry professionals know what’s up, and in second place, with 22% of the votes, the response was basically, who cares, “None of them will talk to us anyway”. You can’t fault the pragmatists.

Lacey Jones came in tied for third with 11 % of the votes with Evelyn Ng and Trishelle Cannatella and Annie Duke rounded out the bottom of the list. I gotta say, I thought Cannatella had an edge with that football background, you gotta love a girl who can take a hit.


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