Isle of Man economy has eGaming to thank

douglas headEver since the Isle of Man began to welcome any company from the eGaming sector with open arms everyone wondered what they were playing at – now we can see why. It wasn’t because everyone in the eGaming industry throws the best parties, or that where gaming goes there’s more often than not a bevy of hot ladies following – it’s neither of them.

Big surprise then that the real reason they were attracting eGaming firms to the country was for, above all else, economic gain. During the global recession, which affected everyone from banks, to banks, to banks, to banks, and that’s only if you read the tabloids, the Manx economy grew by an impressive 5%. The most successful sector was the one containing eGaming, Information and Communication Technology, which made £315million in 2008/09 compared with £201million for the previous year, a real growth increase of 56.7%.

The island sovereignty will today be presented to prominent members of the eGaming community on the island, and it will be interesting to see who bickers the hardest to keep the “King” title at the end of it all.