Finding an iGaming Job in a recession – Recruiter Tips


This is part one of a two-part series, you can find part two here LINK TO STAYING SANE)

finding-an-igaming-job-in-a-recession-recruiter-tipsFinding a new job can be an anxiety inducing undertaking at the best of times. You’re putting yourself out there and saying, “please like me.” Finding a new job during an economic downturn can turn the anxiety level up to 11 as you’re saying, “Please like me over all of these other people looking for the same job.”

The gambling industry, so far, has fared better than other industries but with the sudden shock to the economy brought by the orchestrated shutdowns of offices and industries it’s left people out of work or caught between jobs. I know more than one person who had resigned from a role thinking they would just jump to another company after taking a brief break. Now rather than their choice of jobs, they’re competing with many other people suddenly without work looking to fill a shrinking job market.

I reached out to Alastair Cleland. Alastair Cleland is the Group MD for the Pentasia Recruitment Group. If there is an iGaming job available, chances are it’s listed at Pentasia.

Alastair Cleland passed along these tips these tips:

Focus on the growth – Even though the economy is taking a hit globally, there are still some industries that still grow and professions that are in demand. Luckily, iGaming industry is among those, so our market is still moving, maybe in a slower pace, but there are hiring opportunities.

Alastair Cleland said “Businesses in the iGaming industry have proven to be more agile and having in place the right systems to fully operate remotely. If anything, Covid-19 showed us that adaptability, technology and ‘innovation’ have been key factors for every business. Companies who managed to move quickly and adapt to the new normal are the ones who carry on hiring staff and looking to expand.”

Update your skills – Having the right set of skills is what distinguishes the good ones from the best. Ensure that your knowledge and your skills are up to date with the current trends, legislations and demands of the market.

Trust your recruiter – Recruiters are the best allies at the moment. With their deep knowledge of the market and their vast network; recruiters are in a privileged position to know who’s hiring, who’s growing financially and expanding their manpower.

Alastair Cleland said “People’s schedules are more flexible, so it’s easier to arrange phone calls, video calls, etc. As a recruitment company we have noticed that organising first and second stage interviews have been easier and smoother than ever.”

Refresh your CV and sharpen your video interview skills – During this time of lockdowns, here at Pentasia we noticed that scheduling first and second stage interview proven to be easier and hustle free. Having your CV updated and knowing how to conduct a successful video interview are more important than ever. (Pentasia has an a few extra tips to ace that video interview here.

Consider working on a contract – Companies during this crisis might feel more comfortable offering contract employment rather than permanent roles; at least till they weather the storm. Fixed contract employment is a terrific opportunity to secure a job and walk your way into a company. You then have the time and the opportunity to show your skills and talent, which can lead you to a permanent position.

Take a leap of faith – As remotely working is here to stay. New employees are facing an unprecedent situation where they might join a company without meeting their hiring manager in person or their colleagues or having a face to face meeting for a while. Working relationships are changing so it’s important to adapt. Also, this is where the recruiter’s insights of the company can be a lifesaving, as they will advise you on the company’s culture and profile.

Alastair Cleland said “Our top tips for finding new work in a recession would be; to be more open-minded about the opportunities you look at, be absolutely clear on your professional and personal strengths and evidence these within your CV / cover letter, understand and evidence where these has resulted in you achieving in the work place, upskill yourselves where possible to enhance yourself above others, be confident in your abilities and use relevant recruitment companies who are specialist in your sectors as they will be able to show you more of the opportunities in the market and also assist in all the preparation required for gaining a new role successfully”

If you’re looking for work or looking to upgrade your current career, take-heart in know there will be opportunities out there and if you follow these tips, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to land that next gig.