Super Mario can do what he likes

BalotelliIf you went into a drawer full of various celebrities, prominent personalities from round the world, and sports people, and needed something to spread your butter, the sporting compartment would be where you’d head – especially European soccer players. Even then there’s one player in particular who might not even be sharp enough to go through a warm plate full of butter – Man City’s summer signing, the Italian powerhouse “Super” Mario Balotelli.

The former Inter Milan man really has outdone himself this time though. After being pictured wearing an AC Milan jersey whilst playing for Inter, and after crashing his Audi R8 on the way to training found to have £5000 in his pocket – when asked why his response was “because I am rich,” it looks as though this may well have been his answer once again, the Italian international being caught at around 4am driving through the gates of a women’s prison at home in Italy, because the gates were left open.

It was rather stupid of the youngster, but look at it this way. You’re being paid the best part of £100,000-a-week and see a gate open so you drive through it. What’s the worst they do? Fine you. You can afford it, and if you don’t get caught just think of the amount of up-for-it women at your disposal, Mario!