Sportingbet signs another football deal

wolvesSportingbet has a plan where sports are involved. If the company name hadn’t fooled you already it’s not an attempt by them at some kind of twisted sarcasm – no Sir. They’re rather interested in extending their elongated branches all over the sporting world, and will get their foot in any door that’s open – and if there’s any football going on in there then they’ll more than be a-party to it.

After already inking so far successful partnerships with Premier League clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur, they’ve now gone further by forming a partnership with soccer news site David Mole,’s odds and betting expert, commented: “Sportingbet will become one of several betting partners on as we continue to improve and develop the wealth of betting information for casual punters and expert gamblers alike.”

So it looks as if Sportingbet will find a wealth of new friends at and if there’s one thing that they like then it’s “football friends!”