Paddy Power forced to remove sign

pp-signEarly this week it all looked rather rosy for Paddy Power. They’d managed to muscle their way onto a hill overlooking Celtic Manor, this year’s Ryder Cup venue, and Paddy was toasting his victory with a pint o’ Guinness and just a tipple of Baileys. Then yesterday came the inevitable court order for Power to remove his sign, and vitriol being poured on their plans from all angles.

Celtic Manor owner, Sir Terry Matthews, has described Paddy Power as “scum”, then some big school bullies were hired from the local education authority to come down with their bulldozers and attempt to take the sign down themselves, which, it was pointed out, was far from legal.

They’ve now got three days to remove the sign, and the fact that there’s not odds on whether they’ll flout the ban is very disappointing if you ask me…

Although Paddy doesn’t seem massively bothered about the whole situation. Shortly after the injunction being handed down, the site had odds up as to where the sign might next appear.

Paddy commented: “It’s 500/1 we’ll turn up in that bloke’s [Sir Terry Matthews] back garden and 1000/1 we’ll turn up on the moon, however, the London Olympics is emerging as the early 2/1 favourite.”

Knew you wouldn’t let us down Paddy!