Isildur1 back in cyber space

isildur1As far as comebacks go there’s a certain knack to it. Brett Favre you could say has a knack for them, but has successfully done it 279 times and counting since he left the Green Bay Packers. This is just in sports though – look at musical comebacks and that’s when you see there’s a formula to all this.

First off you need have had a controversial break-up of some sort – otherwise it isn’t going to be massively successful for you . Then you release a few details to the media in the weeks preceding the comeback about what might be coming up then…BAM! Tour dates, album, dolls, branded food. The moolah will be rolling in. Thank goodness the online poker game isn’t the music world. Viktor Blom Isildur1 wouldn’t even be in existence!

Anyway, that’s the comeback we’re on about here – hot off the heels of his appearance in London at the WSOPE, coming a respectable 16th and earning close to £34,000. Now there’s the moment most of the online poker community have been waiting for – Isildur1’s back beeyatches!

The enigma rocked up on one of Full Tilt’s $100/$200 heads-up table and even played a hand, whilst the table itself took more than 7,000 views. Talk about a comeback1