Tipp24 starting to build ahead of German battle

Tipp24Germany’s biggest fan in the whole entire world, Pwin, are soon to be joined by a whole host of other companies who are looking to benefit from the European Court of Justice’s decision regarding the gambling monopoly that was operated by the country’s government. It all came to a head earlier earlier this month as the decision, pushed for by right2bet and, amongst others, Ladbrokes and Betfair was handed down and that’s where we find ourselves now.

One company it seems have already started to stockpile for a full-on, no holds barred assault when the marketplace opens in the near future. Tipp24, an online operator, have secured around €9million in a treasure chest at Tipp24 HQ, thanks to the conclusion of the placement of its shares.

Once up and running the market will be worth an estimated €7-8billion, so you can see why companies are going to be taking such drastic steps to make sure that they are a part of this so important of markets.