Cozy Games comfy going mobile

Cozy Games has signed a deal with OpenBet’s interactive games developer, Electracade Ltd. The partnership will give Cozy Games the ability expand its offering of branded games to customers across various platforms including mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

For their part, Electracade has been making strides in the industry. They’ve developed games for a wide range of big name brands like The X Factor, Stargate, and my personal and all time favorite, Baywatch, for obvious reasons. Now their offering offerings of multi-line slot machines, table games and fixed odds games will be going mobile with Cozy Games. Cozy Games is hip to future, that being mobile online gaming, an industry that promises to pop off very soon, and when it does Cozy Games looks like it’ll be real comfy.

The future is all about accessibility. The younger generations have been bred on it and technology is moving that way. It’s all about having the ability to be flexible enough to offer customers games they can play anytime and anywhere they want.