WAG calls Ronaldo Selfish

Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas’s smoking hot wife Sara Carbonero has branded Cristiano Ronaldo as selfish. Granted, Ronaldo’s form hasn’t been up to par since he joined Real but to me, there’s a bigger issue here. Since when do we listen to WAGs? Sport in general is best served without the commentary of WAGS, I think that should almost go without saying.

WAGs should do what they do best, please their professional athletes while they’re aren’t being pleased by some other gorgeous woman, smile, look pretty, and leave their commentary on what happens on the playing field to people who know what they’re talking about. Sounds harsh, but reality is sometimes that way. Why she would even be interviewed aside for eye candy, is beyond me. Seriously. Should we ask Kim Kardashian to break down Miles Austin’s play or why Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys are 0-2 to start the season? When Lamar Odom has a bad game should Kloe be asked about it? Aside from her forgetting to go down on him after the pre-game shoot what insightful response could she really offer? Seriously. That said, it just wouldn’t be right, it just wouldn’t be kosher, if we didn’t take this golden opportunity clear our heads. And by clear our heads, I mean view or ogle, your choice, some of the hottest, and sexiest WAGs out there wearing as little clothing as possible.

It’s been rumored that Cristiano Ronaldo has been seeing a shrink for depression, not coincidentally it has also been rumored that he knocked up some unknown woman. Well that was bound to happen, sex makes babies. I can’t say I feel sorry for the guy, and I can’t say I understand how he’s depressed. Let me see if I got it right… He was bought for 80 million pounds, he pounds only the hottest women that any red-blooded male on this planet would forfeit his right toe to smell their hair, and he plays on a team with a Saint for a goalkeeper and he’s surrounded by more talent than a Vegas strip club…No, definitely don’t feel sorry for him.

Oddly enough, it’s Iker Casillas that came to his rescue, and said that Ronaldo is selfish, but in the best sense of the word, as in, he’s born to score goals. All this time, we thought he was born to bone models and hookers, flex his abs and not score goals for Portugal. Thanks for clearing that up Saint Iker!