Lord Beckham subject to tabloid gossip

becksIt’s been a while now since a scandal involving David Beckham’s private life has been splashed across the front of the tabloids, and to think he moved over to Los Angeles to get away from this kind of thing – how wrong you were Becks.

The latest story to plight an English footballer has befallen Lord Beckham, as a hooker/prostitute/call girl/hoe/slag (delete as appropriate) told a US magazine how Becks had paid $1,500 to watch a “lesbian romp,” before having sex with the other girl in the said romp, and paying them $3,200 to have a slumber party complete with sleepover and England duvet.

Becks is infuriated by the stories, believing they’re a deliberate attempt to undermine him and England’s 2018 World Cup bid, for which he is an ambassador, and the United States are competitors.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the lady in question, Irma Nici, has her own little black book which lists a number of England footballers from her time over the pond, and even a women that she fornicated with. We await the tabloids getting hold of her little black book to see whether or not Rooney, Crouch, Terry et al have been on more than just her black book.