Cricket scandal rattles along with no end in sight

cricketMen across the country will have been wondering where Donna from Essex aged 23 had disappeared to as they opened up yesterday’s News of the World.

The reason for the lack of Donna, or any other bird for that matter: over the weekend the cricket world has seen the sport unravel faster than Tiger Woods standing in front of a room full of women and, surprise surprise the country at the centre of the inquiry are Asian – and in particular Pakistan. The fact that Pakistani and not English players are being accused can be put down to a few factors, namely money and Asian governments. Money wise, the touring players will have been paid a pittance compared with their hosts, so if offered £100,000 or so to bowl a couple of no balls it’s no bombshell that they relented.

In terms of the governance of Asian countries you don’t have to look far at all to see example, upon example, upon example, upon example, upon example, of scandals involving illegal gambling amongst anyone as young as seven on the continent. Therefore it’s no surprise that people are being arrested for gambling, and that it’s moved into sports that are played largely on this continent. This story will likely rumble on, until the tabloids discover Kevin Pietersen has a new pair of earrings. Asian governments should really take into account one thing though: people will always bet, however much you try to stop them, they’ll just go even further underground to do it. Read more.