The Big Apple’s Calling Mello

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Around this time next year we may be either be talking about the failed experiment that is the Miami Heat, or the brilliance of Pat Riley in putting together a perennial championship contender. We might also be talking about Carmelo Anthony as a member of the New York Knicks.

We’ve all heard the rumors about Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony going to join Amare Stoudemire in New York, but up until recently, not much credence was given to those rumors. With reports that Carmelo’s Denver home is on the selling block, it does raise eyebrows as to Mello’s future plans. Of course, a house up for sale in US these days isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, but in this case it is peculiar, especially when accompanied by Mello’s apparent reluctance to sign the three year extension that will keep him in Denver.

To be honest, at first glance, it doesn’t look like Carmelo’s reluctance to sign a three year $65 million dollar contract extension has anything to do with money. He’s already gone showtime with his wife, why not go showtime with his life and take it to the Big Apple? Surely Mello saw the media frenzy that surrounded Lebron James, why should Bron Bron have all the fun? This winter will be tough on Mello, I’m sure Mello will be sitting in cold ass Denver, thinking, this is some bullshit, while his Team USA teammates have an absolute ball in South Beach. And you know they’ll be telling him about it, Mello, Wade and James are really good friends, you can see how Mello probably feels like he’s missing out. Imagine them on threeway…

Wade: Hey Mello, we just lit up South Beach tonight, we got a gang of some of the baddest chicks you’ll ever see up in here.

Mello: Word?

Bron: Even Lebron James has to admit that Lebron James is loving South Beach more than Lebron James thought he would! This place is off the chains Mello. What’s going on in Denver bro?

Mello: It’s just fucking snowing.

Wade and Bron : What’s that? Could you repeat that? We couldn’t, hear you over the boobies in our faces.

And let’s keep it as real as possible, a young superstar like Mello, at the pinnacle of his sport, he’s missing out on a shitload. For a basketball player, Madison Square Garden, New York, the Mecca of basketball, you can’t beat it, that is unless you’re going to LA or South Beach.

So, what say you sportsbooks? What are the odds that Carmelo Anthony next year utters the words “I’ll be taking my talents to the Big Apple”?

If you don’t got odds on this, probably should, I know I’ll be finding a sportsbook that’s offering odds on him becoming a Knick.


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