Art gallery worries its patrons can’t tell painting from punting

Art-Gallery-Painting-PuntingAn art gallery in Suffolk is protesting Ladbrokes planned takeover of the vacant shop on its ground floor. The artsy types are concerned that their patrons may wander into the bookies by mistake and spend all their money on the ponies instead of in the art gallery’s gift shop. Seems reasonable. Read more.

While there’s been plenty of other Ladbrokes news today, we’re particularly intrigued by this ‘Project Calvinize’ that new CEO Richard Glynn is so keen to implement. Personally, we think it’s high time stuffy old Ladbrokes adopted some of Calvin Ayre’s visionary approaches to the online gambling business, which have… Hang on… Oh, it’s Project Galvanize. Well, we’re sure that’s very worthwhile, too. Read more.