Bob Probert: The Greatest Enforcer Ever

Bob Probert Tribute

It’s a sad time for Red Wings and Blackhawks fans and players and the rest of hockey fans, Bob Probert has passed away at the age of 45.

For those hockey fans old enough to remember when the NHL truly was Rock Em Sock Em, when men played and boys watched, where enforcers with good hands ruled the ice and stars dazzled, those were the days… It was in those days that Bob Probert made a name for himself as one of the best power forwards and the toughest enforcer the game has ever seen. If someone was to tell me that Bob Probert was the toughest man to ever lace up a pair, I’d say “undisputed”. There was no one tougher than Probert, no one that combined the role of enforcer and hockey player as well as Probert did. He was mean, he was tough, and he would occasionally pot one or two in the back of the net.

But to us fans, Probert will always be remembered for his legendary fights. So in tribute to Bob Probert, here’s the best of NHL rough stuff.

This is from when there was ice justice in the NHL, when people paid for cheap shots or fighting a star player. It’s not the candy cane stuff you see these days. Here’s a lesson you learn only once with Probert, don’t you dare touch Steve Yzerman.

Probert Gone Mad

There used to be code in the NHL, it still exists but it’s been abandoned by too many young players trying to make a name for themselves with cheap shots. Here’s a throwback, you’re about to watch one of the greatest NHL fights, between two true enforcers, this aint no clutch and grab show either, these boys are throwing bombs.

Bob Probert vs Marty McSorley

One of the best parts about that tilt, is afterwards, the respect the two fighters had for each other after they just tried to rip each other’s heads off. That’s that code I was talking about.

This next fight features possibly the two greatest fighters ever in the NHL, Domi and Probert, enough said let’s get it on!

Probert vs Domi

There’s a couple things you don’t do, you don’t step into a cage with a Tiger and you don’t bring muffins to fistfight with Bob Probert, Scott Parker found out the hard way. Welcome to Tunetown Scott Parker, population, you!

Probert Tunes Scott Parker

Bob Probert had his fair share of issues on the ice, there was of course the attempted drug smuggling incident, where he tried to bring cocaine across the Canadian border, that stunt cost him the right to play games in Canada for a while, a sentence that hurt Canadians more than anything. I always it was a little harsh, he’s not the first athlete to use Angel Dust…The incident didn’t stop Probert from dominating the ice and wowing fans. His memory and his contribution to game of hockey will always be remembered and cherished, he is unquestionably the greatest enforcer of all time.

Bob Probert The Greatest Enforcer