Cristiano Ronaldo announces birth of Ronaldinho

It turns out that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t just been winking after all. The Real Madrid and former Manchester United star has sired a son with a mystery American woman. Not only that, but he has claimed sole custody of the Ronaldinho. We only hope the kid doesn’t have buck teeth.

Boom, boom, Shayk, Shayk the room
On £180,000 a week Ronaldo can certainly afford to keep el niño but in between his hectic football schedule and servicing his latest belle, the suitably named Irina Shayk (right), where is he going to find the time to look after his son and heir? And who is the Soccer Mom in question?

He was spotted out with Paris Hilton a year ago but then who wasn’t? Unless she’s got a body double, we’re fairly sure it’s not her.

Whoever it is, you can be sure the tabloids will be on her trail before you can say silly season and it’s odds-on that Paddy Power will have odds out on the mystery mamma before lunchtime. Read more.