Maradona doesn’t let vuvuzelas drown out his confidence

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With respect to that poor South African keeper getting sent off for lightly brushing up against a Uruguyan player (who was offside anyway), the biggest controversy by far in the 2010 World Cup is the omnipresent drone of those damn vuvuzela horns. But not everybody thinks they are such a nuisance.

Guess you can’t blame Diego for, uh, doing whatever it is he’s doing in that shot. Football managers don’t really have a whole lot to do once the matches begin, beyond prowling up and down the sidelines with arms crossed and brow furrowed. He’s got (by most estimates) the single best player in the tournament in Lionel Messi, but with no timeouts in which to convey instructions and no ability to make himself heard above that vuvuzela drone, there’s precious little Maradona can do to aid his star player once the game’s afoot.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the ever-confident Diego from guaranteeing victory against South Korea (and Bodog agrees with him, making the Argentines -275 favorites), but like they say, that’s why they play the games. Read more.


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