Trying To Handicap The Tech Race

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girlwithipodIn the tech race you either set the pace, keep the pace or get left behind. Tech CEOs from major companies unanimously agree that innovation, fresh business plans, and acquisitions of new technologies are essential to keep pace in this torrent technological industry. The crystal ball predictions from the Queen of the Net that the future trend will be overwhelmingly through Smartphones and mobile hand held devices, should be telling online gambling operators where they should be heading as well. Read more.

People’s technological appetites are changing faster than a new born baby’s diaper and it’s a breakneck speed that many companies have difficulty keeping up with. Who ever thought you would need to have an option on your phone to turn off your house lights. It’s getting ridiculous. The results are disastrous for companies that don’t keep up. You take a look at companies like Sun Mircosystems and Netscape Communications. To complicate matters for many of these tech companies their CEOs seem more interested in other endeavors. Former Ebay head honcho is getting into politics, the Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang is on to other pursuits in what is now a diminishing role at Yahoo and well, Bill Gates, he just wants to give money away, which with the amount of money he has, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There are companies who have steamrolled through time and are looking to be the leaders of the future, Apple is one that immediately comes to mind; they have seen a growth to market value of around $214 billion.

So what does the future hold? Nobody has a crystal ball but, according to Mary Merker, the Queen of the Net, “The current cycle is the mobile Internet” Mary believes in the next five years, “More users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs, Smartphones and e-book readers”. The Queen feels “connected in-car electronics and wireless home appliances such as gaming consoles will top 10 billion unit sales by 2020.

So, where do the online gambling companies stand in all of this technological craziness? From the looks of things, they stand right in the middle. As more and more people move towards mobile devices so increases the opportunity for entities that offer wireless and mobile entertainment to prosper. If the future is heading towards the mobile device and entertainment on the go, then truly, online gambling companies inherently have an advantage. The products and services offered by online gambling operations are precisely the type of entertainment that can be offered to the masses on their smartphones and all of their wireless devices. Most online gambling companies are aware of this trend and are already positioning themselves to capitalize on this trend. Those gaming operators that aren’t quite aggressive enough in taking the necessary steps to adapt to this technological trend should look to those technological companies that fell by the wayside as an example. You snooze you lose.


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